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Carving Types & Lettering Styles

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Carving Types & Techniques

Shape Carving

Shape carving is a technique that is generally used for flowers, leaves, and trees and gives depth and dimension. The outline of the design is carved and the interior is shaped to look three dimensional.

Flat Carving

Flat carving is a one-dimension technique where the design is carved into the face of the monument, and usually on a flush marker.


Etching is a method of applying a carving to the surface of black granites. All etchings are hand done by an artist. The artist cuts through the polished granite surface using a diamond-tipped instrument. Meriden Monument is capable of creating most anything from large scenes to portraits and floral designs.

Etchings can be done to match an image provided by the customer or a customer can choose from one of our many designs. Etchings are done both by hand and by a laser depending on the image.

Lettering Styles

Except when using script forms, the lettering of memorials is usually done in capitals. Space considerations should be taken into account when deciding on a style. Click here to view available lettering styles.