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About Meriden Monument

Meriden Monument Company will listen to your needs and work with you to create a beautiful yet affordable memorial that will stand the test of time. We proudly put skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail into every monument, ensuring that every tribute is a fitting one.

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Timeless Permanence

Meriden Monument Company’s mission is perhaps best described by our logo – a design element from the Hubbard Memorial Chapel, located in Meriden’s Walnut Grove Cemetery. The Gothic-style chapel was built in 1914 at the bequest of Walter Hubbard, who was interred there alongside his wife.

Today, the chapel stands as a monument to one of Meriden’s greatest benefactors as well as a beautiful and peaceful refuge. Hewn from stone, the chapel is an enduring work of art. It is the mission of Meriden Monument Company to create memorials that, like the Hubbard Chapel, are works of art as well as lasting commemorations of your loved ones.